Autumn sky is especially unpredictable and beautiful. Bright sun, blue sky and dark clouds change each other immediately. It's a real walk through the clouds onboard L-39 or L-29 aircraft! Fantastic landscapes, amazing views of the earth and sky from the most spectacular angles are provided to you. Our unique multi-angle shooting will help capture your ...
After a long lockdown we all crave new adventures and now when we are finally free it is necessary to take our best chances!
We are glad to inform you that we have resumed jet trainer flights and just for the last week have performed nine flights.

Russian frosts do not frighten the real extreme-lovers. In frosty sunny days, the airfield acquires a unique allure.

More skies, more flights, and more new impressions are ahead. There’ll be enough adrenaline for everyone!

During this summer there were performed 50 flights!

The most popular was the pair sync aerobatics which leaves you and your partner with common impressions.

Meanwhile, someone decided to strengthen relations with their dear ones and to give them a unique opportunity of a flight on L-29 or L-39 by presenting them with a gift certificate.

This year Russia hosts World Cup attracting lots of tourists from all over the world to our country.

As it is commonly known Russia is one of the leading aerospace countries thus jet trainer flight with higher aerobatics in Russia is a perfect adventure for extreme enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable experience.

Our Company successfully implemented a very interesting project for Danish TV2.

In the framework of this program the anchorman performed 30 minutes flight aboard L-39 Albatros. Our pilot demonstrated highest skills and capabilities of the aircraft performing various aerobatics such as low passes, rolls, turns, zooms etc.

Again we are glad to share bright pictures of our recent flights.

For the last week Vegitel Company has arranged 5 flights aboard MiG-29 jet fighter.

This time most our pilots were Russian citizens but among them were guests from Finland and Great Britain as well.

On April 12 we celebrate World’s Aviation and Cosmonautics Day. 56 years ago on April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin performed first spaceflight proving that there is nothing impossible.

On this day we congratulate not only those dealing with aerospace industry directly but either usual aviation and cosmonautics fans.

Last March our guests from different countries of the world – Japan, Italy, Canada, Australia and Bulgaria – visited “Sokol” airbase and fulfilled their unforgettable flights to the Edge of Space on MiG-29 jet fighter.

See our new big photo gallery of the March flights.

Vegitel Company successfully arranged two Edge of Space flights for a couple from Switzerland.

Despite the fact that occupation of a pilot is considered to be for men only we try to disprove this prejudice.

The ladies keep pace with the men!

On February 23 we celebrate Defender’s Day in Russia.

What can be a better gift for a real motherland defender than thrilling aerobatics aboard supersonic MiG-29 jet fighter?

That was a present our hero got from his beloved!

This year Saint Valentine’s Day at Sokol airbase in Nizhny Novgorod will be remembered for a very long time.

Dmitry, the hero of our story decided to make an unforgettable present to his sweetheart Evgeniya – an Edge of Space flight onboard MiG-29 jet fighter.

Vegitel Company congratulates its longstanding partner on a jubilee. On February 1 Sokol Aircraft Plant celebrates 85 years of its establishment.

Last week Vegitel Company successfully arranged four jet fighter flights. This means that four more people made their dream come true.

We are very glad to see that geography of our flights tends to expand: a guest from Japan, Italy and two guests from Australia came to Nizhniy to conquer Edge of Space aboard MiG-29 jet fighter.

Vegitel is proud to present new short video by famous aerial photographer and videographer Artur Sarkisyan about touristic MiG-29 flights.

In the process of video making the most advanced aerial shooting technologies we apply for our touristic flights was used.

Christmas holidays in Russia are over and Vegitel in collaboration with long-standing partner from Switzerland MigFlug Company arranged flight aboard Russian MiG-29 military supersonic jet fighter.

As it’s that time of year again we’d like to take this chance to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

May the New Year bring you new opportunities! We hope you’ll rise to new heights! May the Edge of Space be the limit for your success this New Year!

According to calendar winter has just started but in fact it has already covered with snow the great part of our country. Nevertheless as you know neither snowfall nor frost can prevent our MiG-29 jet fighter from taking off.

On December 5 Vegitel Company arranged Edge of space flight for a pilot from Switzerland.

Russian First 1st channel’s TV program “The Sentry” dedicated a piece of news to MiG-29 jet fighter.

The anchor Alexei Rafaenko visited Sokol airbase and performed an Edge of Space flight onboard MiG-29 jet fighter.

This week, one nice sunny, but cold day our airbase was visited by Thomas – our guest from England.

During this flight our sky conqueror climbed to the 18 600 meters (more than 60 000 feet). And while completing the following advanced aerobatics program the G-forces reached “cosmic” values of 7,3 g.

Russia Today TV has published a new video filmed during one оf our demonstration flights of tourists aboard MiG-29 Fulcrum.

The main peculiarity of the video is that it was filmed with a special 360 panoramic camera installed in a tailor-made protective housing on the tail of the fighter jet.

Fights aboard fighter jets were traditionally considered to be a men’s adventure. But nowadays the fair sex representatives narrow the men everywhere, including extreme amusements.
Last October tourists from Russia and other countries made their dreams come true with the help of our company and climbed the vertiginous heights of the autumn sky. The breath-taking views from the stratosphere, lots of adrenalin and advanced aerobatics performance, supersonic flight sensations – our guests will definitely have something to remember.
Since school we associate September with a beginning of a new life, with new plans, new goals and new achievements. We have decided to sum up intermediate results of our work. For the first time in history Iranian guy went to the Edge of Space. One of the touching memories is that Fair Ladies joined our male team of sky conquerors.

Early September our sky conqueror from Israel performed Edge of Space flight onboard MiG-29 jet fighter experiencing g-loads up to 7g and full set of higher aerobatics possible.

Have a look at our inspiring photos and remember that dreams come true.

On August 22 Vegitel arranged Edge of space flights onboard legendary Russian MiG-29 jet fighter for two guests from Germany. After going to the altitude of 17 000 meters, experiencing g-loads up to 7g while performing aerobatics our happy sky conquerors will remember this fantastic experience as one of the most incredible events in life.
Despite the fact that this May the weather is not as good as we expected we are trying to do our best fulfilling our customer’s dreams. On May 17 and 18 we arranged two flights for our guests from Switzerland and Germany. One of them chose aerobatics; the other said yes to our most impressive program 'Edge of space flight'.

Straight after the Victory Day we performed two flights: guest from Germany chose edge of space flight which is our most popular program but despite the fact that it also includes aerobatics preferred to focus on quiet flight.

Our Russian sky conqueror on the contrary preferred higher aerobatics, g-loads and adrenaline.

Despite long May holidays we keep flying Mig-29. While Russia enjoys relaxed holidays our foreign sky conquerors don’t waste their time. Guests from Sweden, Australia, Argentina and Great Britain came to Nizhny Novgorod for Edge of space flight and unbelievable aerobatics.

On April 12 the whole world celebrated 55th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin spaceflight.

Our guest celebrated this remarkable event in space style and though he didn’t enter the orbit but has been to the Edge of space performing a flight onboard our MiG-29 jet fighter.

Russian Zvezda TV channel made a great video about legendary Russian MiG-29 jet fighter, the history of its creation and flights onboard MiG-29 performed at Sokol airbase.

Sometimes long-awaited spring greets us not with clear skies and sunny days but shocks by severe snowfalls just like this year.

But our MiG-29 jet fighters conquer edge of space despite all the snow storms.

Edge of space flight is a bright and very remarkable event. Spring is at hand, it is the time of renovation, when something wonderful is about to happen, the best time to risk and experience something unbelievable or present your dears with fantastic impressions!
Early February a family from New Zealand came to Russia for space tour. Mother and son performed Edge of space flight onboard MiG-29 jet fighter and after that went to Star City.
In 2016 the Cosmonautics has a great jubilee. 55 years ago humanity took the first step to space exploration when Yuri Gagarin performed manned spaceflight for the first time in the history. People of various nationalities show growing interest to this field conquering Edge of space onboard MiG-29 jet fighter and passing real space trainings in GCTC.
Late December two foreign extreme adventure fans came to Russia to get bright impressions. Our guest from Finland was the first to perform Edge of Space flight. Famous American fitness model and certified fitness trainer also chose the most exciting flight program.

Once again Vegitel helps sky conquerors to make their most incredible dreams come true.

A guest from sunny Mexico ignored nasty weather of Russian November and came to Nizhny Novgorod to perform Edge of Space flight onboard MiG-29UB jet fighter.

Two young space and aviation fans from Japan came to Russia for unbelievable space experience.

In the framework of their tour program the guests visited Gagarin cosmonauts training Centre in Star city where they passed unique space trainings and performed Edge of Space flights.

Again we are glad to share great news: due to our Company four more people succeeded in making their dream come try performing a flight onboard legendary Russian MiG-29 jet fighter. Among those were three Russian guys and one Swiss citizen.

MiG-29UB all-weather jet fighter performs breathtaking aerobatics in cloudy autumn skies – this is a personal air show for our 65-yer-old Sky Conqueror from America.

Russia Today TV channel was making a video about flights and interviewed our guest asking about his impressions.

On the threshold of magnificent MAKS-2015 airshow our foreign decided to feel like real jet fighter pilots performing flight onboard MiG-29 UB.

Neither rain nor even snowfall can stop our all-weather MiG-29 jet fighters.

Japanese tourists continue showing great interest to Russian aerospace adventures.

This week we have arranged three Edge of Space flights for gusts from the Land of the Rising Sun.

We have depicted a great tendency: the Land of the Rising Sun citizens are showing increasing interest to Russian aerospace adventure programs and our new sky conqueror proves that well.
Spring-summer season is an amazing time for jet fighter flights and we are glad to introduce our new sky conqueror to you.
Our guest from Switzerland came to Russia at great time: this year we celebrate 70-years Anniversary of Great Victory and naturally at this times such experience as jet fighter flight when you feel like real jet fighter pilot sitting in the cockpit is getting even more exciting.

We proudly present Vegitel Multiangle, the unique product that has no parallel in the aerospace tourism market.

The film about your flight is created with help of the high-end system of 6 synchronized action cameras.

On the threshold of the World’s Aviation and Cosmonautics Day thanks to Vegitel guest from sunny Italy got a chance to make a step to realization of his lifelong dream.
It is always nice when the guests come back again after successful programs that is why we were very glad to welcome our friend from Switzerland coming to conquer the space with us two years after our first project.

Jet fighter flight is an amazing and exciting event leaving unforgettable impressions. Contrary the common misconception that in winter people are unwilling to take part in such adventures our winter 2015 was really hot.

Our guests from all over the world came to Nizhny Novgorod for bright impressions.

We go on with our reports from the takeoff runway of Sokol airbase.

Today we have arranged a flight for TV Company from UAE.

The Land of Rising Sun shows growing interest in flights onboard Russian jetfighters.

In mid-February Japan citizen arrived in Nizhny Novgorod to perform Edge of Space flight onboard MiG-29.

Any pilot dreams of flight weather with unlimited visibility.

Our guest from Germany was amazingly lucky: bright February skies without any cloud and MiG-29 UB jetfighter waiting at the airfield for the pilots to fly them to the Edge of space.

It may take time and effort to become a sky conqueror. But if you are really willing to achieve something you will surely succeed! Just like our guest from France.

He had already flown lots of aircrafts and now long-awaited flight onboard MiG-29 jetfighter was recorded in his flight book.

Experience has proven that even the most luxurious racecars men of all ages dream of pale in comparison with a jetfighter! To make it sure a well-known Ferrari race car test driver came to Nizhniy Novgorod Sokol Airbase.

On December 22 when our guest from Germany came to Sokol airbase together with his son to perform the flight onboard jet fighter it was snowing heavily.

MiG-29 is an all-weather jet fighter and our pilots are real professionals in their field thus how could we allow to disappoint our guest?

We started winter season with two Edge of Space flights. Young Israel citizen was the first to fly.

Our second pilot got his flight as a gift from his colleagues. He received Edge of Space flight certificate in summer but took a decision to use it just now, closer to the New Year.

The hero of our new story is not a stranger to aviation; since he graduated from young Aviation Specialists School such notions as afterburner, control wheel, g-loads, shock stall, higher aerobatics are not just the words for him. Being a technical specialist he prepared the aircrafts for the flight and now he made his dream come true and performed Edge of ...
Though it is still October, real winter has already come to our country. Sokol airbase in Nizhniy Novgorod is covered with sparkling snow, frosty clear morning sky invites to perform a flight and our jet fighters are waiting for sky conquerors.
Again we greet a big close family at the airbase! Our new sky conqueror came to Nizhny Novgorod together with his wife and two children who accompanied him in all preflight preparations and then watched their own little air show.

Good friends from Germany came to Russia to fly onboard MiG-29UB jet fighter.

Both guys chose the most interesting and breathtaking program – Edge of Space flight.

This time it was French pilot who came to us to get magnificent experience and adrenaline. Our jet fighter pilots showed high professionalism arranging for our guest his own small air show with breathtaking program, g-loads up to 9g and all higher aerobatics possible.
Again we met the guests from sunny Turkey. This time it was famous Turkish traveler who came to conquer the sky. Our professional made our friend’s dream come true: he performed a breathtaking flight with afterburner takeoff, flew to the cloudy August sky and concluded with higher aerobatics.
This August Vegitel Company arranged Edge of Space flights for the guests from the Land of the rising sun. Weather conditions of Russian summer were perfect and our brave pilots got a great deal of emotions, adrenaline and wonderful impressions. Among them were also the ladies and by the way it was the first time Japanese women went to the Edge of Space.
Our young brave guest Yulia contrary to the popular opinion that only men are interested in jet fighter flights, performed higher aerobatics onboard MiG-29 and felt absolutely happy about that. It was an incredible present of her parents to her 20th birthday. She conquered the sky and gained great experience and unforgettable emotions!
Vegitel Company goes on clearing the way to the skies! The first week of summer we arranged Edge of Space flight for our guests from Russia and Macedonia.
Recently Vegitel has arranged 4 Edge of Space flights. This time most pilots were Russian but among those brave people conquering the height was a guest from Germany either.

One more time Vegitel company makes the most unbelievable dreams come true!

73 years old German citizen opened May flight season fullfilling his childhood dream and performing Edge of Space flight.

The sky attracts people of different occupations and interests. Now due to Vegitel Company the forwarder of Atlant hockey club Alexei Mikhnov got a chance to perform his long-expected flight.
Vegitel arranged another Edge of space flight, this time the guest from UAE became the pilot of the jet fighter.

This time our guest brought all his family to Nizhniy Novgorod, his wife and 4 children accompanied him in his thrilling adventure.

Our pilot made his long-cherished dream come true he flew to the Edge of space and after that performed breathtaking higher aerobatics for his relatives watching him from the ground.

Our company arranged Edge of Space flight for a famous Russian public figure, photographer and blogger Ilya Varlamov.
We’ve arranged for our guests from Japan an aerospace program that started with visit to world-famous Gagarin cosmonaut training centre in Star City.
This time American auto racer came to us to get his share of adrenaline, thought it may seem that people of this profession do not need additional thrilling experience.

Hot summer is gone but our sky lovers do not wind down!

Despite the rains and cloudy skies MiG-29 flights go on and our tourists get unforgettable emotions and adrenaline.

In August we celebrate the Day of Aviation, in August MAKS International Airshow takes place, indeed August became a month of Aviation!

We are glad to share with you our latest photos of happy gift certificate owners and our participants’ flights.

We are glad to share with you the latest news and photos of our flights. Notwithstanding the fact that according to the generally accepted opinion aviation is a mission for men only, this time we were happy to greet among our guests the brave girl who was not afraid of flying to the Edge of Space to make her lifelong dream come true.
Due to Vegitel Company more and more people from more and more countries all over the world join the ranks of our Sky Conquerors. Our tourists from Denmark, Australia, Great Britain and Russia made their lifelong dream come true.
In the summer time jet fighter flights are very popular. And there is no wonder as there is nothing more exciting than flying in the open blue of the skies, leaving all daily problems and worries far beneath.
On a nice sunny day our guest from Latvia Nickolay got the chance to become a real sky conqueror - he performed a flight onboard MiG-29UB jet fighter according to the Edge of space program.
Father Iov is the spiritual mentor of cosmonaut team. During recent 10 years, priest Iov has actively participated in the cosmonaut training, he has performed many zero gravity flights, trainings in the Hydrolaboratory, flights in the L-39, many times has followed cosmonauts to Baikonur and met the crews returning to the ground from the space flights .
On February 18 we organized "Edge of space" for Andrey – the real fan of the sky, who has tested a lot of types of aircrafts. "Edge of space" flight on MiG fighter is a unique experience that was previously available only for professional fighter pilots. This time our hero managed to see the Earth almost from the space altitude with his own eyes.
It was our guests Nicolay and Julia who performed the very first flight in 2013. Russian winter weather with its snowfalls and banks of snow couldn’t frighten and prevent them from performing the flight and even made such an unusual adventure as jet fighter flight much more exciting, adding to it a shade of fairy tale.
At the beginning of autumn our company once again helped people of different occupations and statuses, speaking different languages to "get wings".

On August 13 and 14 our company arranged our own air show with Mig-29 jet fighter, where six US tourists were involved.

Matt, Peter, Yanik, Benjamin, Jeffrey and Chi ho made a real competition among each other with help of experience and professionalism of Russian test pilots – Sergei Kara and Andrei Pechenkin.

This summer owing to Vegitel our guests from Germany, Switzerland, USA, RSA, Belgium and Russia made their dreams come true. "Toll!", "Prima!", "Great!", "Cool!", "Klassno!" and so on – representatives of different countries and cultures speaking different languages expressed their sincere delight and emotions of the flight.
On the 10th, May our company has met the guest from China, whose name is Julia Li. Julia is the first woman of China, who has performed the “Edge of Space” flight on MiG-29. She is the founder of HCD Global, a leading education technology group based in China.

Our company has organized and maintained the program in Nizhniy Novgorod for the German guests: Christian Oltersdorf and his wife.

Light pleasure flight could have not satisfied Christian, so he decided to gain maximum of impressions. During 45 minutes of flight Christian performed all the aerobatics and overcame the sonic speed.

Our company organized two Edge of Space flights at one day.

Citizens of USA and Latvia make their flights on MiG-29 fighter.

Our company has successfully organized the Edge of Space flight for a foreign citizen. This time the observation of the Earth from the height of 20 km. was held by a Swiss tourist Michael Bruning.
On the 25th, November 2011 our company organized the flight for a guest from snow-covered Siberia, the happy owner of a gift certificate, which was presented him by his friend, who had already fulfilled his own dream – an accomplishing of the flight on MiG-29.

On 26, October Vegitel company had organized the jet MiG-29 flight for a British tourist Peter Riddle.

The new record of underwent overload is 9.1G!

Vegitel makes a complex aerospace program for Spain TV and "Telefonica" company.
Upcoming space adventures:
   September 30, 2024   

Zero gravity flight

Perform a zero gravity flight onboard the IL-76 MDK flying laboratory.

   August 15, 2024  

Launch of Progress MS-28

Amazing tour to Baikonur cosmodrome with watching of the Progress MS-28 rocket lift-off!

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