Program for our German guests

On the 3rd of April our company has organized and maintained the program in Nizhniy Novgorod for the German guests: Christian Oltersdorf and his wife.

Light pleasure flight could have not satisfied Christian, so he decided to gain maximum of impressions. During 45 minutes of flight Christian performed all the aerobatics and overcame the sonic speed. Now he can proudly say that he actually knows what it is like to be a pilot of a modern jet fighter.

Both guests had the full spectrum of positive emotions of the jet fighter adventure and of visiting Russia. We wish them to stay cheerful and we are waiting for them to come again!

News about flights on MiG-29:

Russian frosts do not frighten the real extreme-lovers. In frosty sunny days, the airfield acquires a unique allure.

More skies, more flights, and more new impressions are ahead. There’ll be enough adrenaline for everyone!

During this summer there were performed 50 flights!

The most popular was the pair sync aerobatics which leaves you and your partner with common impressions.

Meanwhile, someone decided to strengthen relations with their dear ones and to give them a unique opportunity of a flight on L-29 or L-39 by presenting them with a gift certificate.

This year Russia hosts World Cup attracting lots of tourists from all over the world to our country.

As it is commonly known Russia is one of the leading aerospace countries thus jet trainer flight with higher aerobatics in Russia is a perfect adventure for extreme enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable experience.

Upcoming space adventures:

Zero gravity flight

Perform a zero gravity flight onboard the IL-76 MDK flying laboratory.

  April 25, 2020  

Launch of Progress MS-14

Amazing tour to Baikonur cosmodrome with watching of the Progress MS-14 rocket lift-off!

  any day  

Cosmonaut training center

Visit famous Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (Star City).