Edge of space flight on MiG-29
Edge of space flight

One of the most impressive and unforgettable program is Edge of space flight on MiG-29.

You will rise for 20 kilometers and see the curved horizon with the darkness of space above your head.

€ 16500

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Higher aerobatics
Higher aerobatics

Flight on a supersonic jet fighter MiG-29 with performance of aerobatics is the best solution for devotees of adrenalin and extreme sensations.

We offer you two programs with the duration of 25 and 45 min.

from € 11500

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Subsonic aircrafts
Subsonic aircrafts

If you want to get unforgettable impressions, perform breathtaking aerobatics and watch the landscapes of Moscow region L-29 training jet flight and L-39 combat training jet flight is exactly what you need.


from € 1000

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Perform a flight on MiG-29 jet fighter!

It is not necessary to be a professional pilot to experience the flight on supersonic speed, to see the earth from dizzy height and the darkness of space above, to feel velocity and flight dynamics!
Our company offers you an incredible opportunity to carry out the flight on modern supersonic jet fighter MiG-29 with performance of higher aerobatics.
MiG-29, created in 1980s, opened a new era of jet fighters development. It became the world’s first jet fighter of such class, combining superior effectiveness in maneuvering air fight with an ability of attacking the enemy with medium- and short-range air-to-air missiles.
You have an opportunity to become a co-pilot of this powerful jet fighter, take your seat in its cockpit and perform an unforgettable dream-flight. Flying at Russian fighter jet is a reality available to everyone. Come and take a ride in a jet fighter.

Phone Russia:

+7 (495) 506-32-23

Phone USA:

+1 (631) 237-91-68

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Sokol airbase test pilots:
Vegitel MultiAngle Zero-gravity experience
News about flights on MiG-29:

Russian First 1st channel’s TV program “The Sentry” dedicated a piece of news to MiG-29 jet fighter.

The anchor Alexei Rafaenko visited Sokol airbase and performed an Edge of Space flight onboard MiG-29 jet fighter.

This week, one nice sunny, but cold day our airbase was visited by Thomas – our guest from England.

During this flight our sky conqueror climbed to the 18 600 meters (more than 60 000 feet). And while completing the following advanced aerobatics program the G-forces reached “cosmic” values of 7,3 g.

Russia Today TV has published a new video filmed during one оf our demonstration flights of tourists aboard MiG-29 Fulcrum.

The main peculiarity of the video is that it was filmed with a special 360 panoramic camera installed in a tailor-made protective housing on the tail of the fighter jet.

Fights aboard fighter jets were traditionally considered to be a men’s adventure. But nowadays the fair sex representatives narrow the men everywhere, including extreme amusements.
Last October tourists from Russia and other countries made their dreams come true with the help of our company and climbed the vertiginous heights of the autumn sky. The breath-taking views from the stratosphere, lots of adrenalin and advanced aerobatics performance, supersonic flight sensations – our guests will definitely have something to remember.
Since school we associate September with a beginning of a new life, with new plans, new goals and new achievements. We have decided to sum up intermediate results of our work. For the first time in history Iranian guy went to the Edge of Space. One of the touching memories is that Fair Ladies joined our male team of sky conquerors.
Vegitel company

Vegitel is a specialized tour operator with long-term experience in the sphere of aerospace tourism. Members of the company are not only professionals in tourism but also proficient specialists directly involved in cosmonauts training in Star City.
Such a thorough knowledge of the subject as well as our particular specialization allow us to create unique offerings and programs for both Russian and foreign partners and to provide services of highest quality and reliability.
Jet fighter flights organization is one of the branches of our work. Besides the MiG-29 flights we can offer you a deal of unique tourist programs: zero-G flights, tours to the MCC and Star City, accomplishment of cosmonauts training programs’ elements, tours to Baikonur to view the launch, expeditions to the landing sites, unusual corporative events and much more!

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Upcoming space adventures:
  march 27th, 2017  

Soyuz MS-04 launch

Amazing tour to Baikonur cosmodrome with watching of the Soyuz MS-04 rocket lift-off!


Zero gravity flight

Perform a zero gravity flight onboard the IL-76 MDK flying laboratory.

  any day  

Cosmonaut training center

Visit famous Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (Star City).