A gift for a real man

February does not usually please us with a good weather. It is too changeable. Sometimes we’ve got slush, sometimes – hard frosts. And a lot of people would like to forget about what’s going on outside at least for a short time. Somebody flies away to warm countries; others warm them up nearby the fireplace. And only devotees of adrenaline buzz choose the unusual way to forget about extreme weather.

On February 18 we organized such opportunity for Andrey– the real fan of the sky, who has tested a lot of types of aircrafts. But our pilot was quite unfamiliar with MiG-29UB. And this machine met all his venturous expectations. Because “Edge of space” flight is a unique experience that was previously available only for professional fighter pilots. This time our hero managed to see the Earth almost from the space altitude with his own eyes.

Also the impressive set of aerobatic maneuvers demonstrated by a namesake of our sky conqueror, Andrey Pechenkin, test pilot of Sokol plant, is worthy of great respect. Such things are feasible for real men only. And the fact that this flight was presented to Andrey as a gift certificate proves one more time that we still have real men around, which deserve such gifts.

News about flights on MiG-29:

On April 12 we celebrate World’s Aviation and Cosmonautics Day. 56 years ago on April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin performed first spaceflight proving that there is nothing impossible.

On this day we congratulate not only those dealing with aerospace industry directly but either usual aviation and cosmonautics fans.

Last March our guests from different countries of the world – Japan, Italy, Canada, Australia and Bulgaria – visited “Sokol” airbase and fulfilled their unforgettable flights to the Edge of Space on MiG-29 jet fighter.

See our new big photo gallery of the March flights.

Vegitel Company successfully arranged two Edge of Space flights for a couple from Switzerland.

Despite the fact that occupation of a pilot is considered to be for men only we try to disprove this prejudice.

The ladies keep pace with the men!

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